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A resource for organizing outdoor activities for the men and women of the armed forces
July, 2011 - While support for this project has been slow, we are preparing to re organize. The goal of this website will be to educate those who wish to take soldiers out into the field on how to plan and run these types of events. Please stay tuned!

Recent events for the troops
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Thanks for all you do!

R&R Fishing Day for the Troops 2009
June 13, 2009 Eighteen soldiers and their families were treated to a day of fishing and picnic at Chatfield State Park in Littleton Colorado. This day was sponsored by the Colorado Walleye assosciation, Warriors Outdoors, and partnered with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. The day was a great one with many fish caught, and even more smiles shown as the soldiers and their families got to spend a great day together. This event was incredible for everyone involved. Read the full story HERE as it was published by the Denver Post.
NG SSGT Robbie joined me on a goose hunt this season. We had a great time, and I look forward to more day's in the field with him. One of the best ways to let soldiers know they are appreciated is to share a day in the field. While I enjoy running group events, we as sportsmen can have a greater affect by taking a soldier out when you have a spot open in your field, blind, or boat. It's time to do something more than play lip service. Want to say thanks? Take a warrior outdoors today!
Carl Werner Warrior Dove Hunt 2009
On August 31st, 2009, Three soldiers and I showed up to Carl Werners Ranch near Sterling Colorado. We were invited by Mr Werner and fellow property owners in the area to enjoy a couple days of great dove hunting and R&R. We met some great people, and were treated to great food and drink. We harvested lots of birds, and even more great memories. We were also joined by a triple amputee Vietnam Veteran named Denny. I got to spend some time with this awesome man on one of our morning hunts. He is new to hunting, but had a great time out in the dove fields. It was inspiring to see him smile as he harvested his first dove. You can read a great article (CLICK HERE) published by the South Platte Sentinel on September 2, 2009. Picture courtesy of SPS Marilee Johnson (News Editor)
This site is dedicated to those who have and currently do serve this great nation. We as sportsmen wish to say THANK YOU, because we know that freedom isn't free.
2011 - 2012 Goose Hunts in Colorado.

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Never forget September 11, 2001
Our prayers to all who were affected by this horrific attack, and to those who fight the war on terror in their names.